Ergonomic & Orthopaedic Solutions

Our wide range of solutions can be tailored to your individual requirements. Ergonomics relates to the relationship between how a person works and the environment in which they operate. For effective ergonomics it is vital for the working environment to have minimal physical impact on the employee’s body. Strain caused by poor ergonomics may result in physical discomfort or injury which will directly impact on employee productivity and work attendance. Desk based employees should ensure that they have suitable desking and correct posture seating. We also provide a wide range of ergonomic accessories to assist with posture and keyboard operating functions.

  • Wrist rests
  • Foot rests
  • Copy Holders
  • Monitor & Telephone Risers
  • Chair correctly rated for hours of usage
  • Desk Height and work space

Lawlor Office Furniture offers a work place assessment to ensure ergonomic compliance and to identify any requirements to ensure a comfortable and safe working environment for you employees. We can arrange to have this assessment carried out by a qualified physiotherapist / occupational therapist and can provided certification should it be required.

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